Key Components
The DroNet solution comprises of the DrN series unmanned aircraft, the DroHub centralized control station, the DroPort docking station and DroConnect smart web platform for flight monitoring, data analytics and real-time data distribution. These sub-systems are interlinked through the public/private 4G LTE network (provision for 5G in future), Radio Frequency and satellite communication to form the core network infrastructure to provide robust connectivity with cybersecurity protections.
Unmanned Aircrafts
DrN-15 Series
Multi-purpose 16kg class Unmanned Aircraft equipped with smart analytics and approved for BVLOS flight operations in Singapore.
DrN-35 Series
Delivery by box or winch with smart auto-landing system on vessels or small landing zones.
Middle-mile delivery UAS with longer endurance and payload up to 10kg, for long range delivery solutions in harsher environments and more.
All-weather infrastructure with automated battery charging and swapping capabilities.
Control Station
Centralised command and control hub for multiple-Unmanned Aircraft operations.
Mobile GCS
Portable, lightweight GCS for Line of Sight operations.
Smart Analytics
Advanced video exploitation algorithm for accurate and real-time analysis of payload data.