DroScan is an end-to-end, external general visual inspection (GVI) system designed with automation and smart analytics capabilities, and incorporated with safety protection features approved for operations within Singapore aerodromes. This system is intended to aid Licensed Aircraft Engineers (LAE) in performing GVI for commercial aircraft, and offers up to 40% time-saving over traditional GVI methods.

DroScan has been designed for easy setup and path planning, with options for automatic or on-trigger image capturing. Defects picked up by the defect-detection algorithm will be displayed on the ground control station (GCS). Operators will then be able to zoom in to certain areas or enhance the images to examine these suspected defects. He can also manually annotate them before inputting them into the database.

We are currently working closely with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore to obtain approval for this methodology.
Key Features
GPS-independent navigation system
Collision detection and avoidance system
Defects detection and prediction analytics
Power-tethered with back-up battery for safe operation
Key Benefits
Minimise work-at-height risks
Minimise use of bulky ground equipment
Minimal set-up and deployment time
Digitised archive images of aircraft and defects
Prediction of defect trends and hotspots
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