The DroPort is a smart docking station that allows remote deployment and activation of DroNet through on-demand automatic launch and recovery of our DrN-15 and DrN-35 series of Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

Unmanned Aircraft Storage
  • 4G-enabled all-weather Unmanned Aircraft station for safe automated Unmanned Aircraft storage.

Battery Swap
  • Automatic battery replacement in between flights without need for on site operator.
  • Spare batteries are on standby, enabling quick turnaround for subsequent missions.
  • Depleted batteries are automatically charged once they are removed from the Unmanned Aircrafts.

Payload Swap
  • Automatic payload swapping enhances Unmanned Aircraft's adaptability to new scenarios mid-operation.
  • Different payloads can be swapped to cater to different applications.
  • “Plug-and-play” concept enables quick turnaround.

Operation Modes
  • Highly reliable precise landing capability with up to centimetre precision.
  • Precise landing in all weather conditions.
  • Range extension through DroPort hopping.