The DroHub is an integrated and scalable command and control hub that makes multiple Unmanned Aircraft control possible. Equipped with smart analytics capabilities, users can track concurrent missions in real-time.

Adaptable to Various Uses
Modular apps and customisable user interface make it adaptable to different use cases.

Multiple Unmanned Aircraft Control
Multiple Unmanned Aircraft missions can be carried out simultaneously for better efficiency.

Ease of Mission Planning
Click-and-fly waypoint marking and automated route planning.

Hand/take-over of mission control is possible across all DroHub terminals.

Usable across different electronic devices.

Easily adaptable to other commercial Unmanned Aircrafts.
Safety features
Geo-fencing and obstacle avoidance
Fly-away kill-switch
Collision Detection and Avoidance
Approved for BVLOS flight operations in Singapore and specific countries
Geo-fencing and obstacle avoidance
Fly-away kill-switch
Full visual and aural warning
Autonomous failure recovery